About Flower Prints

The designs for Flower Prints are all based on the enigmatic artwork of Tosca Lahiri. Here is a short introduction to the artist.

Over in the beautiful landscapes of Scotland, contemporary artist Tosca Lahiri creates vibrant and untamed paintings. Specializing in bold and colourful art, Tosca’s unique style is influenced by nature and science.

Her latest body of work, available to view on Tosca’s original art website, for instance, is strongly influenced by a research paper published by Portsmouth University about why some flowers recover after having their stems damaged.

Her award-winning work, characterized by wild energy and captivating emotions, is the perfect statement piece for any living space.

Whether you’re looking to inject personality into your home or transform your modern living space with bold pops of colour,

Tosca’s Flower Prints, available on this website, offer a curated selection of colourful and stylized art prints, canvas prints, posters, cushions and other home and living items to transform your home.

The Creative Process

Inspiration from Nature

A creative spark ignites when Tosca is surrounded by the beauty of nature. The vibrant colours of flowers and the soothing patterns found in the natural world serve as her constant muse, inspiring the bold and colourful art prints that adorn homes across the world.

The Studio by the Sea

Tosca’s art studio by the River Clyde offers panoramic views across the river and with Lunderston Bay not far away its possible to hear and feel the inspiration that the sea and the flowers around the coast every day. Here, the energy of the water and the awe-inspiring flowers in the landscape infuse her creations with a sense of vitality and tranquillity, adding depth and character to each wall art piece.

A World of Colour

Even in the midst of the Scottish landscape, Tosca Lahiri’s art is a burst of vibrant hues that echo the Fauvist movement. For those seeking wall art that exudes energy and personality, her colourful art prints at Flower Prints are the perfect choice to inject your personality into your living space.

The Dance of Brushstrokes

Even in her calm moments by the Atlantic Ocean, Tosca’s brushstrokes dance with untamed passion, reflecting the Fauvist spirit of bold expression. For a home makeover or any modern living space, her art prints are statement pieces that will transform your walls from basic and boring to bold and beautiful.

Colour pops and eclectic home decor enthusiasts will appreciate the unique style that Tosca brings to her art. With her inspiration drawn from nature’s colours and patterns, her art speaks to the rebellious souls looking to make a statement in their home.

The Art of Connection

Art as an Emotional Oasis  

Unlike any other form of expression, art has a unique ability to foster a deep emotional connection. In the world of Tosca Lahiri, the artist behind Flower Prints, each brushstroke and colour choice is infused with a raw energy that speaks directly to the soul. Connection is at the heart of her creations, inviting you to immerse yourself in a world of vibrant emotions and untamed beauty.

Choosing Art That Resonates  

On your quest for the perfect piece of wall art, it’s vital to choose pieces that resonate with your heart and home. Flower Prints offers a range of colourful art prints that are sure to spark joy and inspiration in any space. To inject your personality into your home, consider opting for statement art prints on Giclee paper, canvases and other home and living items, that infuse your living space with bold pops of colour and creative flair.

Summing up  

Tosca Lahiri, the talented artist behind Flower Prints, offers a vibrant collection of wall art, art prints, canvases, mugs & other home and living products that are sure to inject your  personality and style into any living space. With a focus on bold and colourful designs, Tosca’s flower prints are perfect for those seeking statement pieces to liven up their home.

Explore Tosca’s unique and wild flower prints to find the perfect piece that speaks to your senses and brings joy to your home…..find your statement blooms.